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Why do Cats Scratch?

Even cats that roam freely outside look for something when indoors that they can scratch.
There are several reasons why a cat needs to scratch;
Cats will scratch to sharpen their claws.
Scratching will show their superiority over weaker cats.
Cats use scratching as a way of exercising the extension and retraction of their claws.
They will be marking their territory.
When a cat scratches it may even be getting rid of anger or frustration.

You can see there are many reasons why cats need to scratch, but you certainly don’t want them to use your furniture as the scratching pad therefore it is a good idea to supply the cat with a good scratching pad and let them know that that is what it is intended to be used for.

Put the scratching post in a place that is easily accessible to the cat particularly when it is finished eating or grooming itself and is likely to feel like having a scratch.

Whenever the cat looks like it is going to scratch your furniture or anything else that you don’t want it to scratch, quickly pick it up and put it near the scratching post so it learns that the scratching post is where it should be scratching.

If the cat tends to scratch a particular piece of furniture or other item in the house on a regular basis, then remove that item and replace it with a scratching post. The cat will begin to learn that it is the scratching post that it should be scratching and nothing else.

The more time you spend with your cat when it is young, training it where it can scratch, the less trouble you will have as it grows older.

Sometimes a cat will scratch as a form of devotion, or leave its scent over your own scent. Rubbing your hands or clothing over the scratching post will leave your scent on the post and often this is all that is needed to encourage your cat to scratch the post.

For ideas on scratching posts Click Here!

How to Choose the Right Cat for you

nobody owns a catThere is a large choice of breeds when choosing a cat to share your life with, it is important to take your time and research the choices before making a decision.

You have to decide not only the colour you would prefer but whether you want a male or a female cat, each has its own characteristics. You will need to decide if you want a long haired or a short haired cat.

You also have to look at your personality and lifestyle and determine how that will work in with the personality that can be expected from any particular breed.

Fortunately there are many books that give comprehensive details on the personality types of the various different breeds and while they are a generalization they are also quite accurate in most cases and can help you make the right decision more often than not.

Some breeds require a lot more attention than others, and you will need to decide how much time you will have to devote to your cat. Some breeds will always be more suitable than others when taking into account the term of their lifespan, which can be up to 20 years in some cases.

You will need to decide if you want or have the time to look after a kitten and you may think that getting an older cat from an animal shelter may be a better option. There are certainly a lot to choose from as animal shelters are generally overflowing with unwanted pets, just waiting for a home.

When choosing your cat, see how it interacts with you right from the outset, as even in one litter there will always be a personality that stands out and shows that it wants you to be its owner. More often than not the kitten will choose you, rather than the other way around.

Adopt a Cat

If you are one of the thousands of people who are looking for cats for adoption, then you are lucky because there are several institutions that provide for these kinds of services. As you already know, there are several domesticated animals that have been abandoned by their previous owners either because they can nollonger afford to take care of them or they just do not care. It could also be that they are abandoned by their parents themselves because they are sick. The point is that there are several of them that are just on the streets and their lives are really in danger. It is a good thing that there are certain institutions that can take these stray animals. And since you really love kittens, this is good news for you because you do not only have a pet; you can also save at least one life.

If you are looking for cats for adoption, you should make sure that you have the materials needed to ensure their health. You should have a steady supply of their food as well as their toys. You should have enough knowledge about their general behavior and you should be able to determine if they need something or if they have an illness. In short, you should act as if you are their real parents.

However, if you are the one who is giving these cats for adoption, you need to consider a few things first because you need to make sure that their interest will still be seen even if you will no longer be their master. One thing that you should really consider is the shelter where you are going to leave your pet. You have to make sure that it is a reputable institution because this is very important. You have to check if they have the necessary facilities important in rearing these feline animals. Aide from the physical facilities, you should also make sure that they have clean surroundings, capable veterinarians, good staff, and enough budgets. These things are very important because although you are already abandoning your pet, at least you have made sure that they are still in good hands.

These feline animals are very good companions and they are very loyal to their masters. This is the reason why if you are looking

Rescue Unwanted Cats

Although it is a good thing that a lot of people want to rescue cats, this is an unfortunate indication that several of them are being abused by their masters. Several of them are kicked, spanked, tied, not fed, do not have an appropriate shelter, and the like. This is indeed very unfortunate because even if they are just animals as what you might have perceived, they are still living things who can still experience pain. They still have feelings that can get hurt and abused. We must realize that they are not just there because they do not have anywhere else to go. They can also serve as your companions because they are one of the most loyal species. Aside from dogs, they also have the instinct to be close to their masters and remain loyal to them. But if you cannot appreciate this very significant role of theirs, you should at least respect their existence and give them a fair treatment.

One of the main reasons why a lot of these feline animals are being neglected is that their owners can no longer afford to tale care of them. In this case even if they are not abused physically, they are also being maltreated because they are not receiving the care that they need. It is for these reasons that we still need to rescue cats even if they are already under the care of certain person. One good piece of advice for the owners who can no longer afford to keep their pets is that they should just surrender it to a shelter that can adopt them.

It is best if you are going to leave them to shelters that also rescue cats because it is more likely that they have the facilities for these kinds of animals. However, before you do, you should also make sure that they will really be able to take care of them. If possible, you have to check if they have clean surroundings, good and capable veterinarians, enough supply of food, and the like. You should also check if they have facilitates for those who are injured, have illnesses, and have behavioral troubles.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that we become the best owners but we at least need to be responsible. All of us can rescue cats

Cat Sounds

We all know how to imitate cat sounds and it is certainly one of the first few things that we teach our children. Aside form teaching how to count and how to memorize the alphabet, you probably have already taught them the different animal sounds. Aside from an “aw, aw, aw” and a “moo, moo, moo” you must have already taught your children from which animal “meow, meow, meow” belongs to. However, you must be surprised that this is not the only thing that can come from these feline animals because they can also change their voices. Aside form a meow they also have other vocal registers that can range from a simple purr to a loud howl and even chirping noises.

This may seem odd because you are only familiar with meow but you must also realize that their family is big and they have their own characteristics. For instance, a lion, which is from the feline family, growls and do not meow. And even if we are talking about the domesticated members, cat sounds can still vary depending on what the situation and their needs call for. Just think of the analogy as to how humans speak. And although we all have similar voice physiology, it does not necessarily mean that we all have similar registers. Some are nasal, some are very thin, some are very throaty, and some are very pitchy. Aside from these differences, we also sometimes tend to change our tone depending on the situation. Sometimes we shout, sometimes we whisper, sometimes we modulate our voices, and sometimes we just hum.

The same is also true with cat sounds. A soft meow means they are in a friendly mood because they have a companion or they want to greet their master. If it is more strident, it means that they are seeking for attention or they are demanding something such as food, or water. And if you will not give them what they want, they will usually give out a loud and very strong meow. This perhaps is the most irritating because it is intended to make you annoyed so that you will just give in with their demands. On the other hand, a scream means that they are in danger or in pain. This is very hard to ignore because they are usually already wailing. Screeching is also very loud and it is an indication that they are preparing for a fight.

There are still other cat sounds and it can be very amusing to understand all the possible emotions that they may convey.

Cat Sitting Pre-Conditioning

Cat sitting is one of the simplest tricks that you can teach your pet because it is very easy. If you are interested in teaching some tricks, this is probably one of the first things that you may want to try out basically because the position is very easy to imitate and follow. In fact, if you are good, this can only take a couple of days if it is really smart and you are precise with your instructions. Besides, they are very intelligent animals and you just need to make them mort alert and easily comprehend your instructions so that they will know what you will have to do. However, you also need to make it plain and simple at first so that they will not be confused. Although they may be considered as intelligent animals you also need to remember that they are not used to these things that is why they also need to be considerate if they will not be able to pick it up as easily as you may have expected.

One of the techniques by trainers so that they can easily teach cat sitting is a method called conditioning. This is a scientific method where you are going to train to perform a certain thing once they have been triggered by a certain stimulus. Let us use the analogy of a guy who loves to watch move. For instance, if you like to watch a movie that is set on a 6.30 pm time slot, it can be assumed that you are already sitting on the sofa and in front of the television set on or before 6.30. And by that time, your friends usually arrive to watch the same show and you prepare them snacks. Perhaps, you have been doing this same habit for a few years already and it had already become a routine. However, there is an instance when your friends called and they informed you that they cannot arrive. Nevertheless, you still fixed some snacks as if your friends are still arriving. This happens because your mine was already pre-conditioned do to certain things.

In terms of cat sitting, you can also use the same pre-conditioning technique. Some of the most effective stimuli that you can use are food. Whenever you teach your pet, give them a piece of food whenever they accomplish something. Think of it also as a reward for their obedience and the joy that they bring because you are successful.

There are several sites in the internet, eBook, audio clips, and books that can give you more techniques on cat sitting and you might want to try them out.

Food Guide For Cats

Homemade and healthy recipes for your Cat, makes for a happier cat who often miss out on their required nutrients in bought and commercial cat foods.

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Cat Licking is Dangerous

During the times when you are sitting at your verandah and watching your cat licking its paws, you must have mused how lucky they have been just sitting around and enjoying the good sun. Everything may have seemed perfect for you and that nothing can go wrong. However, as time passes, you have noticed that your pets are now becoming passive than they used to. They are no longer playing on your backyard or crawling around with a ball of yarn. You arte getting worried but you ignored it for a while because you though t that it is just some mood wings. After all, they also have feelings, you thought. However, you can no longer help but be alarmed because they no longer eat their food and they do not play around anymore. They are just lying still in their pillows and just out of life. This made you think that there is a possibility that they are already sick; but you do not know what to do.

It is a good thing that you have brought them to a veterinarian. They observed your pets and they are indeed sick. They have been infected by bacteria and they need to be treated. Now, you are wondering why they may have caught such illness when you have made sure that they are always clean. However, you forgot that they are always in the grounds where the number of bacteria is just endless. Furthermore, an image just came into your mind and you have instantly determined the exact reason how they caught the bacteria: cat licking.

Cat licking may be a natural mannerism but it should be prevented because they are potentially dangerous. This is because their feet are always on the ground and they can easily pick up bacteria. And once they have touched their tongues with it, they also have just let the bacteria enter their bodies. It is a good thing if these organisms are harmless but it is another thing if they can already pose a possible threat to their health.

It is for this reason that you need to give them some help so that they will no longer get sick because of this very bad habit. Remember, you cannot prevent them from doing so because it is their natural way of bathing. However, you can take certain steps so that cat licking will not be that dangerous such as by giving them yearly vaccination.

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