Cat Pregnancy Signs

Cat Pregnancy Signs

A lot of people want to know the different cats pregnancy signs because they want to immediately know if their pets are just about to give them another set of pets. As you might have already experienced, it can be shocking if you will just suddenly notice that their stomachs have just ballooned and just about to give birth the next day. As an owner, you do not want this thing to happen especially if you are not yet prepared. If you want more of them, you should at least be forewarned so that you can make the necessary adjustments so that you can better accommodate the new members of your family.

One of the reasons why a lot of people cannot immediately recognize the different cats pregnancy signs is because they come very quickly. As you already know, these animals only carry their young for about nine weeks so the changes can just really come and go and you will not even notice it. Their stomach may balloon a little and you may just think that they have just eaten too much. Or perhaps, they may have become unusually affectionate lately and you may have also just thought that it had just become closer to you. Actually, these things that you ignore are early indications that your pet is already carrying something in its belly. You might have already noticed it but you just failed to recognize it.

One of the most common cats pregnancy signs is that they have an in increased appetite and their weight also increased. Just like with any other animals, they need to take in more nutrients so that they can also supply their babies with the nutrients that they need. Since they do not carry just one kitten, they also need to double or triple their intake so that they can nourish everyone.

However, probably the most common indication that your feline pet is already about to become a mother is when their nipples become pinker a few weeks after they have been bred. And if it just her first time to give birth, the color may be a little more intensified than usual. The mammary glands are also engorged which is actually normal in any animal species. This is because they need to prepare their bodies so that it can better support their young.

All of these can be blamed to hormonal changes that are occurring in their bodies. Nevertheless, once you have noticed these cats pregnancy signs, you should immediately call your veterinarian so that you can better prepare yourself.

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