Cat Licking is Dangerous

Cat Licking is Dangerous

During the times when you are sitting at your verandah and watching your cat licking its paws, you must have mused how lucky they have been just sitting around and enjoying the good sun. Everything may have seemed perfect for you and that nothing can go wrong. However, as time passes, you have noticed that your pets are now becoming passive than they used to. They are no longer playing on your backyard or crawling around with a ball of yarn. You arte getting worried but you ignored it for a while because you though t that it is just some mood wings. After all, they also have feelings, you thought. However, you can no longer help but be alarmed because they no longer eat their food and they do not play around anymore. They are just lying still in their pillows and just out of life. This made you think that there is a possibility that they are already sick; but you do not know what to do.

It is a good thing that you have brought them to a veterinarian. They observed your pets and they are indeed sick. They have been infected by bacteria and they need to be treated. Now, you are wondering why they may have caught such illness when you have made sure that they are always clean. However, you forgot that they are always in the grounds where the number of bacteria is just endless. Furthermore, an image just came into your mind and you have instantly determined the exact reason how they caught the bacteria: cat licking.

Cat licking may be a natural mannerism but it should be prevented because they are potentially dangerous. This is because their feet are always on the ground and they can easily pick up bacteria. And once they have touched their tongues with it, they also have just let the bacteria enter their bodies. It is a good thing if these organisms are harmless but it is another thing if they can already pose a possible threat to their health.

It is for this reason that you need to give them some help so that they will no longer get sick because of this very bad habit. Remember, you cannot prevent them from doing so because it is their natural way of bathing. However, you can take certain steps so that cat licking will not be that dangerous such as by giving them yearly vaccination.

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