Cat Sitting Pre-Conditioning

Cat Sitting Pre-Conditioning

Cat sitting is one of the simplest tricks that you can teach your pet because it is very easy. If you are interested in teaching some tricks, this is probably one of the first things that you may want to try out basically because the position is very easy to imitate and follow. In fact, if you are good, this can only take a couple of days if it is really smart and you are precise with your instructions. Besides, they are very intelligent animals and you just need to make them mort alert and easily comprehend your instructions so that they will know what you will have to do. However, you also need to make it plain and simple at first so that they will not be confused. Although they may be considered as intelligent animals you also need to remember that they are not used to these things that is why they also need to be considerate if they will not be able to pick it up as easily as you may have expected.

One of the techniques by trainers so that they can easily teach cat sitting is a method called conditioning. This is a scientific method where you are going to train to perform a certain thing once they have been triggered by a certain stimulus. Let us use the analogy of a guy who loves to watch move. For instance, if you like to watch a movie that is set on a 6.30 pm time slot, it can be assumed that you are already sitting on the sofa and in front of the television set on or before 6.30. And by that time, your friends usually arrive to watch the same show and you prepare them snacks. Perhaps, you have been doing this same habit for a few years already and it had already become a routine. However, there is an instance when your friends called and they informed you that they cannot arrive. Nevertheless, you still fixed some snacks as if your friends are still arriving. This happens because your mine was already pre-conditioned do to certain things.

In terms of cat sitting, you can also use the same pre-conditioning technique. Some of the most effective stimuli that you can use are food. Whenever you teach your pet, give them a piece of food whenever they accomplish something. Think of it also as a reward for their obedience and the joy that they bring because you are successful.

There are several sites in the internet, eBook, audio clips, and books that can give you more techniques on cat sitting and you might want to try them out.

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