Kittens – They Love to have fun!

Kittens – They Love to have fun!

One of the most adorable things about kittens is the mischief they are capable of getting into – adorable in someone else’s home anyway.  It is not always so funny if it is in your home that the kitten is ripping your stuff to shreds, or chewing it to death.

What does a kitten’s owner do then. The first thing ‘not to do’ is to yell at the kitten, the kitten only wants to have fun after all. Count to 10 and keep calm.  Firmly take the kitten and saying “No” in a clear firm voice put the kitten in his bed.

Next you have to identify why the kitten got up to mischief in the first place, was the kitten bored, offered too much temptation or is he practicing his hunting skills. Usually it’s a mixture of boredom and practicing his hunting skills that gets a kitten into the most trouble around the house. Boredom leads a kitten to find things that tempt him to playful mischief such as trailing plants or apples that roll. A cat loves to hunt however, and so occasionally he will “kill” the odd cushion.

Buying a few cat toys will help teach your kitten what is acceptable to play with and what’s not. A great toy is a soft ball, it doesn’t have to be a small one, some kittens are quite happy pushing something around the house that is about half their size so long as it is not too heavy. A ball made out of scrunched up newspaper is another good play toy but make sure that you scrunch the paper quietly so that any loud noise doesn’t scare him.

Another easy toy to make is a simple piece of household string tied at the end to a piece of stiff card, gently run this around the floor and watch the kitten go! A great idea if you want to tire the kitten out.

Any toy that has been filled with catnip – some kind of dried herb that cats go crazy over – is destined to keep him amused for hours, but often the most entertaining of all for kitty is a box with large holes cut into it that he can jump in and out of.

A kitten getting up to mischief can often be frustrating, but given the right toys, he’ll not only entertain himself, but he’ll also keep you entertained watching the antics he gets up too. Remember, he’s not intending to be mean when he does something he shouldn’t, he’s just bored, so find something to occupy his mind.

Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy
publisher: Mountain Pet
ASIN: B0002DHV16

Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm and not harm. With a polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic excercize and is a safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids. Now with bright new candy colored wands and a fun selection of colors.

Colorful Springs Cat Toy – Wide – 10 pk.

Who knew such a simple toy could be so much fun? Cats go crazy for these bouncing, pouncing colorful springs.Size:Each spring is 2″ long x 1″ diameter.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors May Vary
publisher: Bergan

The Turbo Scratcher cat toy offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage due to scratching. Catnip and ball included. Scratch pad is replaceable. 16” Diameter x 1.88”

Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter
publisher: Our Pets

Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter – Satisfies your cat’s preying instinct safely, and with no mess. Your cat will stay busy hunting, chasing, stalking and pouncing, and don’t be surprised if her brings you his kill as a gift. It’s that realistic.

SmartCat 3833 Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box
publisher: SmartCat

Cats have an instinctual desire to watch cracks and crevices, especially when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight. The Peek-A-Play Toy Box is designed to build on your cat’s instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favorite toys, and your cat will go crazy fishing them out. Peek-A-Play is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours. Rotate the toys in the box so they are always digging for something different, and for extra fun, put a few food treats inside.

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