Lillies are Dangerous to Your Cat’s Health

Lillies are Dangerous to Your Cat’s Health

I was reading a letter in a magazine recently and came across the fact that lillies can make your cat very poorly, something that I had never heard of before, below is an article that I found about the subject. Definately something any cat owner should be aware of.

Beautiful Lillies and Your Cat



Lillies are considered some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are, but they are also very deadly to our feline companions. I have seen a few in my years at Veterinarian emergency clinics. Tiger Lillies, Day Lillies, Easter Lillies and Japanese show lillies are some of the most commonly seen poison plants in this group. If you have feline companions you should definatly keep these plants in a place that is not accessable to them. Or not have them at all.

If you see your cat eat a lilly or see remnants of lilly materials in vomit, Call your veterinarian as soon as possible. If your regular veterinarian is not available, contact your local Emergency Clinic. It is not just the flower or stem or leaf, The Entire Plant is toxic to felines. Including the bulb of the plant. Even if you see the cat take a nibble and all the pieces are there, I still suggest contacting a veterinarian to be on the safe side.

Usually signs of toxicosis seen, are between the first two to three hours after initial ingestion. That is not to say you will not see them sooner. First you may see anorexia, lethargy, depression, and vomiting. Something that is concerning here is that the vomiting stops after three days. Most people I know would not allow there cat to vomit for three days, but like  I have said multiple times, every situation is different. If you have been away and your pet sitter did not know your pet was vomiting. Every situation is different.

The sooner you can have your feline seen by a veterinarian the better. In extreme cases, sever signs include paralysis, respiratory problems, seizure activity, and or swelling of the face and paws. In some cases you may see some of these signs as well as the signs previously mentioned.

Ultimately what lilies will do to the companion feline is cause Renal Failure. It can also progress to chronic renal failure issues. Another issue that may be prevalent is Pancreatitis. These are issued caused directly and indirectly by ingestion of lilies. Renal Failure can ultimately lead to death if not treated. There is no at home remedy for this toxicosis. Our recommendation is to have a Veterinarian attend to your pet.

Initially the veterinarian may offer to give an emetic to completely empty your pets stomach. Activated Charcoal may also be offered, depending on how long ago ingestion was. What it will do is help coat the stomach and the intestines as it passes through the GI tract and decrease the amount of toxin that is absorbed into the system. Treatment usually includes IV fluid therapy for renal support. Your cats doctor may want to do some blood work to see what initial renal values are. Blood work will give your veterinarian values to compare future values to. It can later tell your pets doctor if treatment is working and it may help guide treatment in the right direction. Hospitalization may be needed for a few days, or even up to a week. If your day veterinarian does not offer overnight care, you may need to transport your pet to your local Emergency Veterinarian.

The fast treatment is started the better the prognosis will be. Like with almost all toxins, the amount ingested and the time between ingestion and the start of treatment plays a big roll in the outcome.

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