Moving a cat

Moving a cat

3 ways to look after your cat when you move house

1. Moving crate

When moving the cat to the new house it will probably be moved via the car. Some cats don’t have to go in a car at all and so this experience can be very new to them and not always pleasant. The best way is to use a cat carriers.  By using the cat carrier you can put the cat in the carrier in the house and get him nice and secure and then he will be safe and contained when driving to the new house. You can find cat carriers from all online pet supplies retailers.

2. Keep the cat inside

Once you have made the move and arrive at the new house make the cat feel as comfortable as possible. Show them their own cat beds, provide them with water from their own cat bowls and generally make the cat feel settled. It is advised that you keep the cat indoors for a week or so she they are comfortable with the new house. It has been know that when a cat moves house they can go out side and head straight back to the old house.

3.  Provide them with a litter tray

For a month before the move get the cat used to using a cat litter tray with cat litter. This will help for when you have moved and have to keep the cat indoors; it will be less stressful if they know the cat litter tray routine. Once the cat has settled you can then start to let the cat outdoors and remove the litter tray.

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