Rescue Unwanted Cats

Rescue Unwanted Cats

Although it is a good thing that a lot of people want to rescue cats, this is an unfortunate indication that several of them are being abused by their masters. Several of them are kicked, spanked, tied, not fed, do not have an appropriate shelter, and the like. This is indeed very unfortunate because even if they are just animals as what you might have perceived, they are still living things who can still experience pain. They still have feelings that can get hurt and abused. We must realize that they are not just there because they do not have anywhere else to go. They can also serve as your companions because they are one of the most loyal species. Aside from dogs, they also have the instinct to be close to their masters and remain loyal to them. But if you cannot appreciate this very significant role of theirs, you should at least respect their existence and give them a fair treatment.

One of the main reasons why a lot of these feline animals are being neglected is that their owners can no longer afford to tale care of them. In this case even if they are not abused physically, they are also being maltreated because they are not receiving the care that they need. It is for these reasons that we still need to rescue cats even if they are already under the care of certain person. One good piece of advice for the owners who can no longer afford to keep their pets is that they should just surrender it to a shelter that can adopt them.

It is best if you are going to leave them to shelters that also rescue cats because it is more likely that they have the facilities for these kinds of animals. However, before you do, you should also make sure that they will really be able to take care of them. If possible, you have to check if they have clean surroundings, good and capable veterinarians, enough supply of food, and the like. You should also check if they have facilitates for those who are injured, have illnesses, and have behavioral troubles.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that we become the best owners but we at least need to be responsible. All of us can rescue cats

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