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Cat Sounds

We all know how to imitate cat sounds and it is certainly one of the first few things that we teach our children. Aside form teaching how to count and how to memorize the alphabet, you probably have already taught them the different animal sounds. Aside from an “aw, aw, aw” and a “moo, moo, moo” you must have already taught your children from which animal “meow, meow, meow” belongs to. However, you must be surprised that this is not the only thing that can come from these feline animals because they can also change their voices. Aside form a meow they also have other vocal registers that can range from a simple purr to a loud howl and even chirping noises.

This may seem odd because you are only familiar with meow but you must also realize that their family is big and they have their own characteristics. For instance, a lion, which is from the feline family, growls and do not meow. And even if we are talking about the domesticated members, cat sounds can still vary depending on what the situation and their needs call for. Just think of the analogy as to how humans speak. And although we all have similar voice physiology, it does not necessarily mean that we all have similar registers. Some are nasal, some are very thin, some are very throaty, and some are very pitchy. Aside from these differences, we also sometimes tend to change our tone depending on the situation. Sometimes we shout, sometimes we whisper, sometimes we modulate our voices, and sometimes we just hum.

The same is also true with cat sounds. A soft meow means they are in a friendly mood because they have a companion or they want to greet their master. If it is more strident, it means that they are seeking for attention or they are demanding something such as food, or water. And if you will not give them what they want, they will usually give out a loud and very strong meow. This perhaps is the most irritating because it is intended to make you annoyed so that you will just give in with their demands. On the other hand, a scream means that they are in danger or in pain. This is very hard to ignore because they are usually already wailing. Screeching is also very loud and it is an indication that they are preparing for a fight.

There are still other cat sounds and it can be very amusing to understand all the possible emotions that they may convey.

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