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Cat reunited with Tornado Victim

It is amazing to find that even in the worst devastation there are the smallest of miracles that warm the heart.
One such incident relates to a Judy Pugh whose home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was devastated when it was hit by a massive tornado.  Mrs Pugh was saved from the tornado when a falling wall pinned her to the ground.

Mrs Pugh owned three cats and although her home was destroyed two of the cats lived to tell the tale, the third cat was not found in the following weeks.

A few weeks later Mrs Pugh returned to what was left of her home and was being interviewed by CBS42. While the cameras were rolling, to the astonishment of the people around, Cadie the missing third cat suddenly made an appearance. Cadie had survived the tornado, the heat and the cold without food or water for nearly a month.  Mrs Pugh was delighted to find the ten year old cat alive.

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