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Helping Your Overweight Cat Lose a Few Pounds

Feline Health Tips: Helping Your Overweight Cat Lose a Few Pounds


Tim Whiston

Feline obesity is a threat to the health and lifespan of your cat. This article will help you work with your cat to lose the needed weight with minimal struggle.

Feline health is, in many ways, common sense. Since cats are mammals like us, many of the same basic premises apply.

When a cat is overweight, he or she is at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and the exact same complications obese humans experience. Good feline health practices for reducing obesity are the same tactics used for people who need to shed a few excess pounds.

Essentially your cat needs to take in fewer calories and get a little more exercise. That\’s all there is to it unless there is some genetic setback causing the feline obesity.

You might think it\’s hard to get your cat on a diet and exercise program, but in truth it\’s quite easy. Where you lead, your feline friend will follow.

The first step is to ask your vet what your cat\’s target weight should be. Your veterinarian should be able to give you a good range to shoot for with a basic physical exam.

Fewer Calories In Your Cat\’s Diet

Once you have a target weight goal, you\’ll need to start by adjusting your cat\’s caloric intake. Your vet can recommend a good food with fewer calories.

Also you can adjust the current feeding schedule. If you\’re leaving food in the bowl all day long, start feeding your cat twice a day instead.

Take the bowls up after your cat eats in the morning and set them out again for the evening meal. Again, once the cat has had a good meal, take the food up again until the next morning.

Clearly if you have multiple cats it might not be as easy to manage your obese feline\’s diet. If you don\’t want to put all cats on a reduced schedule just find a food with fewer calories and eliminate treats until the target weight is reached.

And certainly stop giving your cat people food! Especially in cases of feline obesity it is counterproductive to share people food with your cat.

Feline Exercise Program

Chance are your cat is already somewhat active. Even cats who ‘sleep all day’ have at least one activity period during the day.

Felines are polyphasic, meaning they have multiple periods of sleep and activity during the day. You may simply be unaware of when your cat is running and playing.

Your job is to get your cat involved in a period of exercise and brisk physical activity for about ten minutes each day. And you can do this by simply playing with him or her.

Drag a string, throw a catnip ball, or do something else to intrigue your cat into motion. Keep him/her running, jumping, and swatting for ten minutes or longer without stopping.

You can use catnip to stimulate your cat if needed. Many felines get a rush from this herb and will become more active for several minutes after rolling in or eating it.

It takes a little focus on your part to correct a feline obesity problem. But you owe it to your cat to put forth the effort on this because after all, you are the parental figure in this relationship.

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