Treat Your Cat the a Cat House and Cat Tree

Treat Your Cat the a Cat House and Cat Tree

The most important pieces of furniture in a cat’s life is a Cat House and a Cat Tree. Many homes don’t give a cat that sense of being part of the household because they don’t have a cat house or a cat tree, a place the cat can call its own. These two simple pieces of furniture can make life much more interesting and enjoyable for you and your cat. Have you ever watched on video or seen pictures of cats in the wild? Notice how they all group together and have an area staked out that they call home. Within the territory there is a place for the pride leader and also a place for the females and cubs.

Domestic cats are just the same. They need an area that they can call personal territory. A cat house offers security and a place to run when life gets a bit stressful Call it a sanctuary if you want.

Placing a little catnip inside the new cat house helps to lure the cat inside and it will then soon take over the house as its own.

Cat houses are available in a huge range of dimensions and shapes to suit all sizes of cats. Some cat houses are intended for outside in cold climates and will retain the cat’s body heat. Indoor cat houses can come with a built in litter tray, cat tree and rooftop perch or bed. Once you’ve had a house that includes the litter tray, you’ll wonder how you or your cat got on without it. No more litter spread all over the floor and no mess always on view. When it comes to toilet time, cats like their privacy just as much as we do and the enclosed litter tray caters for this feline need. Another bonus is that it makes cleaning up easier and quicker. Try to find a cat house that has a built in cat tree for scratching or clawing, this is a perk that the cat really needs.

A cat tree even on its own will fulfil an important role in the owner’s home. Cat trees can save the furniture from being ripped and shredded which has to be a bonus from the household’s viewpoint. While from the cat’s perspective they have an area for sharpening claws, exercise and relieving aggression. Cat trees need to be more than just a pole with carpet attached. The cat has far more fun if there are dangling toys to reduce boredom, room for climbing and a perch on the top as a watching post. The best spot to place the tree is the cat’s favorite position where it likes to lie and watch the world go by.

To rescue a piece of furniture that has been taking a lot of punishment try putting a tree next to it.  Clean the furniture of any marking scent, and put catnip on the cat tree as an enticement. Later, once the cat has adopted the tree, you can move it to a place that suits you. If you want more control over how and where the cat lives in your house, a cat house and a cat tree is certainly the right way to go about it. Find the ones online that suit your home or get hold of plans and build one yourself.

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